Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Couple leap to their deaths carrying dead son

Beachy Head: Suicide PointImage by Manav Gupta via Flickr

This is a very sad story…


LONDON — A grieving couple appear to have plunged to their deaths from a cliff on the south coast of England, clutching a rucksack containing the body of their five-year-old boy after he died of meningitis.

Mr Neil Puttick and his wife Kazumi drove to the Beachy Head beauty spot in East Sussex, south of London, a day or two after their son, Samuel, died at home in Wiltshire in the west of England.

They are thought to have leapt together with two rucksacks, one holding the body of their son and the other filled with some of the child's favourite cuddly toys and a model tractor.

Samuel, who was left paralysed by a car accident four years ago, was taken ill on Tuesday last week.

On Friday he was sent home from hospital in Bristol, western England, when it became clear that he was not going to live.

The child was certified dead by a doctor at his home on Friday evening. It seems that, at the weekend, his parents drove 225km to Beachy Head.

Their bodies were spotted at the foot of the cliffs on Sunday evening and, because of the terrain, were only recovered the following day. The Guardian

From TODAY, World – Wednesday, 03-Jun-2009

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