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When Help How To results in Help How Not To

Light Amongst The Shadows: How to Help Those You Care for When Suicide Occurs [VHS]I love this one!

I remember years ago when my instructor in assembly language pointed out that one article on how to detect and combat computer viruses produced a contrary result: it instead taught how to create viruses - the very thing that it attempted to destroy.

However, this one thing that is freely available in the web - I kinda endorse sites like this: a would-be suicidal person looks for 'how-to' on carrying out the suicide, but finds help instead. Now that's something!

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'Suicide' Internet search turns up 'how to' advice: study

PARIS - People searching the Internet for information about suicide methods are more likely to find sites encouraging suicide than those offering help or support, according to a study released Friday.

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Oxford and Manchester found that nearly half of websites showing up in queries of the four top search engines gave "how to" advice on taking one's own life.

Only 13 percent, by contrast, focused on suicide prevention or offered support, while another 12 percent actively discouraged suicide.

Previous studies have shown that media reporting of suicide and its portrayal on television influence suicidal behaviour, particularly the choice of method used, but little is known about the impact of the Internet.

Aftershock: Help, Hope and Healing in the Wake of SuicideThe study, published in the British Medical Journal, replicated a typical search that might be undertaken by a person looking for instructions and information about methods of suicide.

The same set of search terms were fed into Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask.

The researchers then analysed the first ten sites from each search, giving a total of 480 hits.

Just under half of the sites provided some information about methods of suicide, while almost a fifth were for dedicated suicide sites, half of them actively encouraging, promoting, or facilitating the taking of one's life.

Overall, Google and Yahoo retrieved the highest number of dedicated suicide sites, whereas MSN had the highest number of prevention or support sites and academic or policy sites.

Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart--Life Stories from Those Left BehindIn addition, the three most frequently occurring sites were all pro-suicide, while the information site Wikipedia was fourth.

"How to" sites are not illegal in most countries, and are not often caught by search engine filters. - AFP/fa

From; source article is below:'Suicide' Internet search turns up 'how to' advice: study

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Save Money By Your Arts And Crafts Style

Small wooden sculpture depicting a Native Amer...Image via Wikipedia
Talking about arts and crafts, kids are a natural. Why? Because they feel no shame in doing what they want to do, and in expressing themselves.

Why do we lose this reckless abandon as we grow older?

It's a shame, I think. Anyway, here's some tips to keep that 'child in you' alive, especially if you are now a parent and have real kids to 'play with'.

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Figure Out Your Arts And Crafts Style To Save Money!
By Melissa Hash Platinum Quality Author

When you are trying to live a more frugal life and you enjoy being creative then it is important to set up a craft budget. Crafts and supplies can be very expensive but by learning your personal arts and crafts style you can better distribute your craft allowance.

Craft or Art?

Many who do crafts believe that they are an art form and some who produce art call it their craft. Generally, a work is considered a craft when there is a set of rules you follow and when others follow those rules they end up with a similar product. Art is more distinctive. If you give a group of people each a lump of clay the end products may look nothing alike.

Scratch Magic Deluxe KitThis may not help you know where to place your money but it will help narrow down what your arts and crafts style is. Also, do not be surprised if you enjoy doing a little (or a lot!) of both crafts and art.

One style or multiple styles?

Some people only do one arts and crafts. They may only cross-stitch or only draw. Most people who are creative have many outlets in which they enjoy creating things. If you have only one creative interest then it is very easy to decide what craft to put your money towards but what if you quilt, paint, knit, decoupage, cross-stitch and whatever else you come across?

If you have multiple craft and art interests then you have to be even more cognizant of how much money you are spending. What arts and crafts style do you enjoy doing the most? Can you narrow your interests down to one or two that you do more often than the others? Your craft budget can be allocated to allow more for that one craft you enjoy the most. You can then allocate a portion of your craft budget to projects that you complete only when you can find cheap craft supplies.

Make Your Own Cards by Made By HandsHow much do the arts and crafts supplies cost?

If you do not have a large arts and crafts budget then you may have to choose your creative outlet based on how much cash you have to work with while you save for bigger purchases. If you cannot afford a sewing machine then instead of hand sewing large quilts perhaps you could make some pillows instead and while it may not be as comfortable as painting on a sturdy easel you can spread an old sheet on the floor and paint away.

Selling your work

If you believe that others would like to buy what you are making then you may be looking into ways to sell your work. This can be very expensive, such as the costs associated with producing a large quantity of work and renting a booth at an arts and crafts fair, or hard to break into, such as selling your work in an art gallery. It is also important to realize your arts and crafts style so that you know where to try and sell your work. A contemporary painter or sculptor may not do very well at an arts and crafts fair while you do not tend to find crocheted afghans in galleries.

Alex Toys Paper Plate Bugs, Alex Little Hands Art SeriesIf you are looking to see if there is a market for your work then you might try starting on a smaller scale. or are excellent ways for you to sell your product. You can produce only one or two items and try to sell them before spending the money to make large quantities.

By asking yourself these questions you can get a better idea of your arts and crafts style which can help you when you make up your arts and crafts budget.

Article Supplied By: M. Kaye Hash, Co-owner and photographer of the nature photography and Eco-friendly gifts and family living articles website She is a contributing editor and co-webmaster at Melissa has a degree in Art History from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has been writing and taking pictures since she was young. Melissa is also an avid animal lover and she raises four dogs of her own while being creative in as many ways as possible.

Article Directory: EzineArticles

Alex Super Art Table with Paper Roll and Two BenchesLifted from Ezine article directoy with the same title:
Figure Out Your Arts And Crafts Style To Save Money!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poor driving or poor manners?

This is one of those areas where the difference in the sexes is highlighted or played down. Man or woman, anger is a problem. And road rage? Even more a deadly expression... errhh... I won't say that again. It is something that shouldn't be expressed while on ramming machine speeding at 100kmph.

Time for some diversion.

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Women are calmer drivers? Not when I'm behind the wheel
Road rage is just as much a problem for mums as it is for dads

by Erin Baker
The Daily Telegraph
"Calm down," I mutter, as I ease my car between the bus lane and the fat SUV that's trying to force me into it.

"Calm down," I repeat, as the traffic light turns green but I can't move because there's an idiot in a van blocking the junction.

"Calm down!" I shriek, as another idiot in a BMW, who knows he's in the wrong lane but reckons he can carve me up, edges forward.

Invariably, the mantra wears a bit thin about half an hour into my morning commute.

By the time I arrive at work, my blood is fairly fizzing. You see, I'm not very good at handling road rage.

Road Rage: Own the Road with Defensive DrivingJust ask my mother - she's still sweating from the time we had to drive at speed around the supermarket car park, slaloming through the trolleys to escape a large and surprisingly fleet-footed man whom I had called a "bloody idiot" for honking at her when she tried to reverse into a space.

So, I find it hard to believe that women are statistically less likely to succumb to road rage than men.

However, a survey this week of children aged between five and 16 found more than half think they have a calmer, safer journey when their mother is driving.

Fathers are accused of being more aggressive and driving too fast.

This, despite the fact that seven out of 10 children said their mothers were more likely to stall the car when pulling away from a junction, and 64 per cent claimed that reverse parking was beyond Mummy's capabilities. Ouch.

Most of the children questioned about road rage won't realise that low speed doesn't always equate to safety (few adults seem to get this point, either).

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving: Steering Clear of Highway WarfareIt might feel safer to have Mummy sing a song with you while pottering down the road at 40kmh in a 60kmh zone, but Daddy's more aggressive progress could be more appropriate for the road conditions. That's why it's female drivers who incite my road rage more than male ones.

At least men know they're carving you up. Women, generally, have no idea of the chaos they're leaving behind.

It's not that we're less intelligent than men - and we're certainly more capable of multi-tasking. It seems we just can't be bothered.

Take that puerile "Baby on Board" sticker, for example.

You know the one: It makes you want to jump out at the lights, knock on the window and say: "I was about to ram your car from behind, but thank goodness I saw the sticker."

How many men would display that sign?

The Simpsons Road RageThere's a difference, too, when it comes to how we exhibit our road rage.

Mothers aren't any calmer behind the wheel than fathers - they're simply more subtle. Instead of shouting and swearing, we silently seethe, and enact our revenge in more elegant ways (unless you're my friend Jo, whose child's first words, picked up after months of her driving, were "****ing moron").

Instead of shouting at Mr Carve-You-Up, a canny woman will beat him away from the lights, thus forcing him to drop in behind, then briefly slow down to make her point.

She will inch up alongside the SUV that is hogging her space because the driver has no lane discipline, thus alarming him/her into shifting back into the right lane.

Far more satisfying than a list of expletives.

Given that road rage affects both sexes - but in rather different ways - the real cause for concern should be the behaviour that incites it.

Why We Feel Road Rage And Why It's Your Fault!As a spokesman from the breakdown coverage company that carried out the survey said: "Kids exposed to poor driving could ... copy this action when they start to drive themselves."

That's "poor driving", not "poor manners".

Road hogs take note.

Lifted from TODAY, Commentary - Friday, 30-April-2010
Women are calmer drivers? Not when I'm behind the wheel

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