Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Orchid care

The various shapes and colors of flowersImage via WikipediaI've been going back to gathering plants for our new flat, and I've already got some flowers in: hibiscus, begonia and cyclamen. The other one I think is poor man's orchids. I have also gotten a young euphorbia, and it is just furiously growing, shooting out new stems and leaves ever since it was repotted, to a larger container. For the non-flowering plants, I have a cactus, some red and green mosaics, ferns and one that I haven't identified yet, but it is more of a palm species, having read and green foliage. The only other plant I have is a big one already, and is taller than me. It is a palm plant, and is most suited to the windy and sunny place, either at the balcony, or in front of the house. We put it at the balcony for now, and should I be getting a smaller one in the future, it will be at the front where it will get the most sun and wind and rain - the right environment for it to grow nicely.

Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic PlantsI still have to choose which orchid I will get: a phalaenopsis, a dendrobium or a vandaceous. Watering isn't the concern, nor the sun. Bright but not sunny isn't either. What I am looking it is how to take care of the plant when it is flowering, to get more flowers, or how to care for it when the flowering period is over.

I've been looking and looking, searching and searching, and I've come across many web pages that has given me valuable info, provided data, but so far, there is one that has mentioned something that I can use, and will use, as a basis to know when it comes to watering needs: pseudobulds is a water container. That's the info that breaks the levels.

And with that, any orchid that doesn't have pseudobulds should not be left too dry. Of course, that will be the general rule, but it is half the battle between simply remembering, and understanding why.

Fresh Flowers - Purple Dendrobium OrchidsThat website, before I forget it, is here: My Orchid Care. I kow, I should give credit. Someway, somehow, they hit the right spot for givingg just the kind of info that will help me with my orchid growing.

May it help you as well.


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