Sunday, May 15, 2011

No chili pods yet, but have sweet potato shoots!

While I am waiting for the chili pods to come out, if ever my hand-pollination technique using a round paintbrush is ever successful, what I see coming out from the potted soil are a number of shoots from my chopped-off end of sweet potato root crops buried beneath were alive - and growing!

I resorted to this method because the leaves they sell don't include the stems where new shoots could grow, and also since I like very much the Japanese sweet potato variety, I decided to chop off some ends every time my wife buys some. And if I am the one doing the marketing chore, I would pick up some loose ends, broken ends of these sweet potatoes, and would simply just show them to the clerk at the check-out counter, and she would smile and let me go off this 3 or 4 of these.

That's only twice, if I recall correctly. Just the few pieces that I need to start off my sweet potato farm.

So while I'm waiting for the pods to come out, I'm seeing purple stems and leaves shoot up.

So now I see some colors other than green and white. And I am looking forward to some boiled sweet potato shoots dipped in vinegar and anchovies. Yum!

Till then!

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