Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good books on Orchids

Orchid Basics (Pyramid Gardening)I borrowed some books from the library, and there are three that I can recommend to anyone who is just beginning, or is already an expert, on orchid cultivation.

it can serve the purpose of clearing doubts, or correcting assumptions, or gleaning new nuggets of wisdom. There are always new things (if we can call them new) every now and then.

So here goes:

Orchid Basics   
A comprehensive guide to care and cultivation
by Brian & Sara Rittershausen

  • very simple and easy to grasp explanation on how to go about with orchids
  • shows by photograph how to perform hybridization (first book that I "see" how to hybridize), and believe me, it is very, very complicated (if you now what I mean)!

Orchids to Know and GrowOrchids to Know and Grow
by Thomas J. Sheesan and Robert J. Black

Growing Orchids in your garden
by Robert G. M. Friend
  • emphasizes growing orchids in their natural habitat
  • tells where each variety is originating, where found

Growing Orchids in Your GardenI intended to supply only a few words on the books, as I want you to know the good merits from these books - firsthand.

Will you share when you're done reading?

Till then!

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